Dermabond Sticky Liner

If you love wearing false lashes but hate the clumpy mess some lash glues can leave or the wait time for it to become tacky, our “Dermabond Sticky Liner” is perfect for you. Our sticky liner does not require wait time for it to become tacky, making applying lashes much quicker and it does not clump up like some lash glue can. We offer a clear sticky liner and a black sticky liner; the clear is ideal for precise placement of glitter, stones and flakes and the black is perfect for applying lashes.

To use the clear sticky liner when applying glitter, stones, and flakes, just add it to the area you wish to apply them to and then apply your glitter, stones, or flakes.

When using it for lashes, apply it to the top lash line (just like you do eyeliner) and apply the lash. 


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