AMC Was Founded

Our First love

Alyse Kmieciak CEO of the lab started her own brand in 2016 focusing on hand crafted pure pigment cosmetics, while working on the brand she met Lab COO Brooke Burman. Who was hired on as creative director for AMC.

TLP was born

Creating our second love

Once Alyse and Brooke established there business relationship COO Brooke created the lash pharmacy with the help of Alyse. While gaining fast success we realized we were working against each other not with each other . So what did we do?

With love Liam Layla Alyse Brooke (LAB)

The lab was created

Once we realized were working against each other we merged both companies together! We soon came to realize our two children's and our names spelled LAB. So with that it just felt right creating The Lab Cosmetics. Here at the Lab we want to focus in bring hand made full pigment cosmetics to our Lab Rat's with out the harsh chemicals or needless fillers!

Featured product

Feel good collection - The-Lab-Cosmetics


Feel good collection

$55 $68

This collection should enhance all the feel good endorphins and create a euphoric makeup look!
This collection includes…..

💕Euphoria- hues of violet and blue highlighter with purple and blue diamond shimmer reflects.
💕Mood booster stones-  iridescent Ab crystals
💕Serotonin- chunky shape silver holographic glitter
💕Dopamine- lavender pink iridescent glitter
💕Endorphin- chunky pale pink golden Iridescent glitter
💕Oxytocin- unique blend aqua , sky blue and all shapes of glitter
💕So Happy - Crystal Jelly highlighter with reflect shimmers of blue and purple