Cornea Cream

Some people struggle with creasing or to get a good color payoff with eyeshadows. The simple answer is to use an eye primer. We offer “Cornea Cream” eye primer, often a multipurpose product, the most important purpose being to give eye shadow staying power. Cornea cream is the perfect base for any vibrant eyeshadow, pigment, or shimmer. It will keep your eye makeup looking as flawless as when you first applied it and holds that flawless look all throughout the day/ night. Use the Cornea cream primer first, this will prep and brighten your eye lid. Apply a very small amount onto the entire lid with your fingertips or concealer brush, blending up and out toward the brow, blending evenly. Make sure to apply as close to the lash line as possible to ensure you cover the entire lid. Then apply a pigment, shadow, glitter, and/or shimmers to the lid and watch the colors intensify instantly!


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