Brand Rep Kit


Affiliate Package Program:

When you order our Affiliate Package, you are purchasing a $50 gift card with the following incentives:

  • a gift card to be used for your own custom L²ab PR package! This will allow you to choose the products you want at 25%off.
  • You will be contacted so you can choose a discount code to refer to family and friends, giving them 10% off their purchases •you will receive 25% off future purchases for yourself only. This is to be used for yourself or self promotion. Not to be used/given to family and friends.
  • After your first 10 code uses, you will receive a $20 gift card. Once your code has been used more then 20 times you will be Receiving your first PR box . After that to keep getting your Pr boxs you will need to meet 20 sales a month . 

You will be contacted via the email provided when you place your order so it will be your responsibility to provide an accurate email address. We will then ask what you would like your codes to be!

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