The L²ab Cosmetics was created by two makeup loving moms, who love medical and science inspirations. The letters L²AB actually stands for Liam, Layla, Alyse & Brooke. So with our love for medical/science and makeup, The L²AB Cosmetics was born! We hope you love all the products and cant wait to see what experiments you create!



Alyse Kmieciak

President, creator and formulator

Alyse started her formulation journey 6 years ago as a new mom wanting to start her own company focusing on pure pigment with no extra additives or fillers. Being raised in a analytical lab environment her love for science was born and with an passion for make up the Lab was created!


Brooke Berman

Vice President, Creative and Social Media Director

Being involved in the makeup community since 2013, Brooke knew instantly that it was her passion. After having her daughter in 2013, she suffered from anxiety and depression so she felt that makeup saved her. At night, she picks up makeup brushes, goes live on Facebook and talks to the beauty community which also became her friends. The lab was a way she could express herself creatively in every aspect from naming products, concepts, designing items , marketing items and showcasing products.