Blood Transfusion Stick Collection


Transfusion multi use sticks are a filled with a high moisture ingredients that’s provide a natural finish. The sticks offer high quality ingredients like mango oil, honey , peach blooms and avocado oil. These transfusions sticks glide on the skin effortlessly , enhance , brighten and contour . They are cruelty free , no harsh chemicals are used, vegan , soy free , gluten free and talc free !

Life highlight 
This white gold cream highlighter gives life to the face and body, leaving tuyo with an overall healthy glow. 

Procedure bronzer/contour 
Procedure is a warm brown and can be used to sculpt, carve, snatch and bronze the face and body . Bring in some dimension to areas that need sculpted. 

Blood bank blush

Blood bank is a pinky rose color that is matte cream which provides your cheeks with the perfect warmth to make them rosey and flushed. 

Blood stream
Blood stream is a matte mauve cream blush. This blush is super wearable an flows perfectly into the skin to give your cheeks a pop of color.

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